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Work Life Balance

Thursday, 4 August 2011

                                      WORK LIFE BALANCE
Alarm…Rise… Rush…coffee and a quick bite…Battling with a traffic jam…work like a machine. maybe just sitting on the desk the whole day, clicking the mouse…battle with the traffic jam…more chores…conclude the night flicking the television .maybe watching something which may not even interest  …exhausted and sleep. Does it sound familiar? IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL LIVING?
1. Accomplishment at work gives you material wealth and recognition.
2. Neglect of self can lead to lifestyle diseases.
3. Productivity and creativity are possible if one is physically and mentally healthy.
4. Emotional nourishment comes from meaningful personal relationships. We all need     love and appreciation regardless of degrees or nationalities. If you do not invest time and attention to relationships, you will have none when you need them.
5. If we cannot take responsibility of our lives no one will. Find ways not excuses, it  is your LIFE.
1. Do you take care of your health….Exercise, eat healthy and sleep well.
2. How is your family front?
3. Have you cultivated friends who can stand with you at the time you require support?
4. Have you ever sat and thought that what is it that you want in life?
5. Is your life what you want it to be?
6. Are you happy with the present state of affairs?
7. If not…………………….
    what is it that you should start doing?
    what is it that you should stop doing?
    what are the things which I need to reduce?
    what are things that I need to do more frequently?
8. Are you really serious to strike a balance?
9. Are you ready to bring about the changes however big to strike a balance in your life?
  Body and mind are interdependent. Invest in yourself. Take out time for yourself, pursue   your personal interest,seek some solitude each day.This is a non negotiable Rule.
  Be aware of your goals and clear in your priorities. Keep a journal if it helps and keep   updating it regularly
   You cannot do everything. Practice delegation at work and at home. Let others contribute.
5. TIME NEVER COMES BACK… not waste it.
  Move away from people and activities that add no value to your life. Recognize distractions, passive activities like watching television aimlessly or spending excess time on the net and eliminate them for activities that contribute to the quality of your life.
    Schedule activities that you enjoy doing with family and friends.
    Thoughts…Attitude..Choices..Actions..Life. Meditate.
Work life balance for each person is different and also varies at different stages and age in life. An individual starting his career will have a different set of priorities than a person who has retired. A married person with children will have to make different choices for the right balance than a person who is single .Our priorities play a dominant role in striking our work life balance .The demands of your work have to be met along with a healthy self, a fulfilling family life and friends.
For a balanced approach success and achievement has to be viewed in respect to self, work, family and society .Your physical and mental health, your development and your personal relationships jeopardised when the balance is not right. It is important to be clearly aware of what you are losing and whether the gains are worth all that loss.
Anupama Garg

The power of positive thoughts.



Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.
–  Napoleon Hill
The events about to happen have already taken place in the minds of those who would bring them about. It is most essential to understand the power of mind for our thoughts have the power to make us or break us. Our thoughts either give us the resolve to take action or weaken our drive. We create our own misery or happiness depending on our thought process. Research has shown that thoughts are electromagnetic,biochemical signals that carry messages across our brain cells. Every time a thought goes along a particular route, its reception becomes easier as the path is more and more defined.The more we entertain a thought the fact that the thought will materialize becomes more prominent. By thought we throw energy. The way clay is molded by physical hands to produce a pot similarly our thought forms when held long enough with volition(will) result in taking shape as per our visualization. We can improve the quality of our lives and cultivate it as per our will through our thoughts. Thought is a force by which we can neutralize,or let stand or enhance the probability of future events.
It is important to begin thinking positively if we want positive synchronicities to occur. Cosmos is the living feedback machine which shows us, through positive and negative synchronicities how so called accidental events in life are often a consequence of our own mental and emotional process. It is important to think positively and consistently never ceasing our efforts to fill our minds with constructive thoughts. Constructive vision and determination can change almost anything in our life.
We are the architects of our  own lives and direct our lives. Every thought with enough intensity is fueled by force. If we are not cautious of our thought process our thoughts will create a life which may not essentially be our choice. We should have absolute clarity in how and what we want in life and so will it be.
There is a link between our thoughts, emotions and actions. By changing the focus of our thoughts we can instantly change how we feel thereby effecting our actions. Entertaining positive thoughts take us to resourceful states and entertaining negative thoughts suck us into a vortex of gloom. In an ironic way we attract exactly what we fear most. We create our own hell by negative thinking. We can create heaven by being conscious and aware of our thoughts and not letting negative thoughts strip is of our power Negative thinking destroys our ability to act in the right spirit.
An individual who entertains negative thoughts will have a persona which will emit vibrations which will generate a sense of gloom and create an atmosphere laden with heaviness around himself. On the contrary an individual with positive disposition will emanate positivity and create an atmosphere of lightness and vibrancy around himself.  The law is that we attract what we give. The choice is ours to make.
Experience the power of positive thoughts in your life and allow space for miracles to happen.
Anupama Garg