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Friday September 16th Lunar Eclipse- Anupama Garg

On Friday September 16th planet Earth will experience a Lunar Eclipse; which is the last eclipse of this year. Normally, new moons are for beginnings and full moons are for realizing the full potential and concluding them. This September, the new moon and the full moon are both eclipses and an opportune time to sort our self in whichever area it is required. I believe being honest to one’s self and self sorting leads to sorting in all that is around us.

This period can be used to transform all negativity into positivity, letting go of all that is detrimental to our self be it ego, resentment, jealously, anger and all emotions that fuel degeneration. It is a time where we can take constructive steps to restructure our life for the better. It is also a time where our negative thoughts and actions can be severely destructive; we have to be aware and honest to our self. Remember the truth sets us free….Choose to see it. It is a period where we can make amendments and choose a better life or destroy it further. This period will aid us to see certain truths which we have shied away from accepting. We may feel raw and bare, but trust that this is an amazing time for growth and regeneration. 

Believe that the Universe is seeking the best for us but needs our constructive co-operation. Think and act in accordance to this and it will create our TRUTH.

 We need to meditate, introspect and journey inwards to understand our self.

Affirmation: I am honest to myself and I am positive that my thoughts and actions will allow grace to flow in all areas of my life, illuminating it.