First time ever a fiction book on Tantra, to demystify Tantra.

I have made an effort to dispel some myths about Tantra through a work of fiction which also has a serious content, lined up in form of events to tell a tale of romance and love in actions beyond the normatic. The work highlights  basic principles of Tantra, in an effort to dispel the misconceptions attached to a path that is maligned due to lack of authentic knowledge.

Sex is being propagated, people are fearful of Tantra and Tantrics and there exist serious allegations against Tantra, which are believed in, as no genuine practitioner has come forward to highlight the basic principles and the truth of Tantra.   There are  translations of scriptures which may or may not hold interest for anyone unless looked into, and general people remain unaware about what actually entails to be a Tantric and what is Tantra.   The story through the life of its protagonist who is a Tantric explains the principles of Tantra,the fact that the use of power depends on the wisdom of the user and every choice and action has consequences.The book takes the reader through the unknown world of Tantra and behind the walls of an ashram which is feared and revered. The significance of thoughts, discipline, vibrations, mantra, yantra, the misuse of power, understanding that Tantra accepts the whole creation, sexuality being a part is weaved in the story line explaining concepts through the experiences and practices of the protagonist.

Is there a definition of GOOD and BAD in Tantra?

What is Tantric Sex?

How are sex and spiritualism comparable?

What is the relevance of sacrifice in Tantra?

Why is a Tantric feared?

What is the power of Mantra and Yantra?

What are the powers that a Tantra sadhak possesses?

What is Possession ?

The tantric curse answers all the above questions with the characters and story line set in a fast pace in today’s time and giving an account of a Tantric sadhanashal.The book depicts the multiple faces of Tantra,  also bringing to light various cultural stigmas associated with caste and women.

A fascinating and simply written book that makes an unstoppable and sensational read defining the principles of Tantra, love, power and spiritualism through a life of a TANTRIC. A strong effective narrative that makes you believe in love and the power of faith.